Whether you are constructing a new office tower or renovating space as a tenant, your office is a reflection of your brand and culture. As your office construction partner, we recognize that we are an extension of your organization and take very seriously our role to uphold the integrity, value and public perception of that brand.

Ensuring the quality of your office construction is a given. However, other issues such as value management, transparency, safety, environmental stewardship and risk mitigation are key issues for commercial office construction projects today. The Libman Group recognizes these important drivers for our commercial office clients and embraces our responsibility to be more than a services provider.

Our flexibility, unique culture and best-in-class office construction staff enable us to successfully accomplish a very broad range of projects. With over six (6) million square feet of both private and public sector construction credited to our portfolio, no project is too small or too large. While 80% of our office construction work is comprised of projects under $1M, each year we also are chosen by leading commercial institutions to execute larger flagship projects.

We act as your advocate working with you to maximize your space, streamline your budget and schedule and make the most prudent decisions with regard to future maintenance costs or expansion needs.

Our ability to act in your best interests has awarded us a repeat and referral clients – a true validation between ordinary and extraordinary.