Aspen, Colorado

Location, location, location is what Douglas Elliman delivers on with its newest office positioned only a few steps from the Aspen Mountain Gondola. In Aspen, where visitors shop as intensely as they ski, the office conveniently lies at the intersection between luxury retail and the world-class Ajax Ski Mountain. 

Western Modern in design with the textural elegance of Aspen’s historic fabric. A walnut and cappuccino incased luxury retail office environment with smart technology, ergonomic workflow and interactive teaming. 

This sultry inspired posh interior of warm organic finishes, concrete suede floor, acoustical fin wood ceiling and waterfall design is surrounded by translucent star-fire glass and natural light. An inspiration of international materials and custom cabinetry, delivered, fitted and installed by local master tradesmen. 

Aspen’s newest location offers private teaming offices, visiting agents benching, reception soft seating, information technology, powder board storage and private conferencing that converts to a training lab. 

Douglas Elliman’s national footprint and cache branding is complemented by a design criteria specific to each locations native roots, trusted relationships and engrained culture. A personal touch that spans across markets and comfort zones. 

Created by award winning designer Kenneth J. Libman and facilitated by The Libman Group’s integrated design/build solution into a single source of "architects that build".

We are excited to announce the re-branding of The Sanctuary.

A Master planned site that creates the comfort and symmetry of a private park a vignettes of outdoor shared living spaces. An enclave protected by over 200 feet of continuous waterfall frontage, mature trees and flowing water along the rear of the property line. The luxury of creating private entries, cobblestone driveways and auto-haus garages square the property and allows entry into the golf course by summer and Nordic track by winter. For further information contact Contact Information:

March 2017 - Market Report

A recent market March 2017 shows the strength of the neighborhood surrounding The Sanctuary.  The West Aspen neighborhood, where the Sanctuary is located, has generated the highest one-year price per square foot appreciation and the second highest appreciation over the last five years. 


The Sanctuary neighborhood is rapidly transforming with several new projects under construction generating both price appreciation and sales activity.  The Sanctuary’s location benefits remain – 1 mile from downtown Aspen – while the surrounding property values increase and new and improved houses take shape in the neighborhood.

Douglas Elliman - Malibu Sands Center

An iconic addition to Pacific Coast Highway’s newly renovated Malibu Sands Center. Douglas Elliman reinvents mid-century modern into advanced technology while blending experience and relationships of yesteryears into a personal touch between buyers, sellers and agents.


Aspen’s crown jewel is opening a first of their kind “exclusive luxury brand” retail store. This location will boast the most premier real estate in The Little Nell’s lobby and when finished will create a twenty-six-foot long extension to the current hotel’s reception area. The design is one of rich materials and romantic lighting supplemented by the volume and proportions of Luxe style. The Libman Group, internationally known for turn-key design/build assignments is scheduled to deliver the panache and style of merchandising this ski season in Aspen, Colorado.…/

TLN Luxury Retail

The Little Nell Hotel Luxury Retail Store Opening - Christmas 2016 Aspen’s crown jewel is opening a first of their kind “exclusive luxury brand” retail store. The location will boast the most premier real estate in the Little Nell’s lobby and when finished will create a twenty-six-foot long extension to the current hotel’s reception area. The design is one of romantic materials and lighting supplemented by the volume and proportions of Lux style. The Libman Group, internationally known for turn-key design/build assignments is scheduled to deliver the panache and style of merchandising this ski season in Aspen, Colorado. 

Malibu, Califormia

Calamingo's Ranch hosts Real Estate of Malibu, California. The invitation only event was in the sunset setting of the ranches 1947 year old history and lush grounds of now an Outdoor Restaurant, Operational Resort and home to Pepperdine Housing. This family owned ranch is sprawling over several hundred acres overlooking Malibu’s coastline. Quite a breath of fresh air!


DE Snowmass - Industrial Design

A sophisticated Industrial modern design in a Lux retail application.
This executive open plan private workstation environment offers the residential warmth and feeling synonymous to Douglas Elliman’s clientele.
The Libman Group, LLC - integrating inspiration though implementation – Architects of Design and Construction.

The delivery process was streamlined by a center point of responsibility and accountability which allowed the project to be delivered “on time and on budget”

•    Completed / July 1st 2016
•    970 Square Feet
•    Industrial Blacken Steel & Acoustic Glass Storefront – 40 FT
•    Fully Automated Window Shade Signage Display Program – 50FT
•    8” Antique Standing White Oak Floors
•    Restoration Hardware Furnishings
•    Low Profile Energy Efficient Integrated Lighting
•    Flangeless Linier Diffusers
•    Cylindrical Metal Chandelier
•    New Technology Infrastructure
•    iPad Kiosk Center

DE Snowmass - Progress

DE Snowmass - Launching a fresh, innovative and technologically advanced design that delivers the residential warmth, panache and high-end exclusivity that only a Douglas Elliman client can appreciate. Retail Luxury in a Residential Environment. Coming July 4th 2016.

The Sanctuary – Development Signage

We have officially launched The Sanctuary development project and now preparing to unveil the developments property signage announcing the teams collaboration of all “A” listers!

BRH Residence - Testimonial

"We are extremely pleased with the quality of the home that we built and as well as the friendships we have created”….. Doug Bade

DE Snowmass – Demolition

This will be the first permanent location of Douglas Elliman’s National Corporate Re-Branding rollout by Kenneth J. Libman, dbia/principal at The Libman Group. This exciting, fresh and timeless design allows the inspiration, integration and implementation of industrial design in a modern application. 

Opening July 4th Weekend 2016  

Exhibition Lane - Aspen Highlands

The brand new custom The Libman Group Design mountain modern ski home bridges classic and contemporary design. Located at the base of Lower Stein Ski Run at Aspen Highlands, tucked amongst the aspen groves and wildflowers overlooking Maroon Creek, the ski-in home is well landscaped and oriented for privacy.

Douglas Elliman – Aspen, Colorado

This photorealistic rendering describes the energy of The Libman Group’s re-branding of Douglas Elliman’s new progressive, fresh and timeless design adjacent to Aspen Mountain. Coming Summer 2016

Industrial factory glass restored back to the 1940's with the modernization of double pane starphire glass for the highest quality in clarity. This is assembled with neoprene gaskets and coupled with today’s technology of easy glide hardware eliminating sound transfer. 

The design provides the flexibility and privacy of partnering in a teaming approach with the luxury and expandability of continued growth. Re-branding a “real estate broker” into “professional agent”.

A full height multi-media visual platform optically allows the advancement of technology while experiencing the comfort and setting of being in your own living room and enjoying the flavors of your cappuccino and espresso bar.

Aspen Art Institute – China Guests

Newly completed home "BHR Residence" hosted in collaboration with the Aspen Institute their first dinner to their Chinese guests.

The guests and moderators engaged into unique perspectives on what was driving their economy and policy. How they're dealing with pollution and is Beijing even a realistic long term capital for China being so far north? They also engaged into a conversation on how the country has very little arable land left. 

Aspen draws international market appeal with well known summer events coming up this summer; Food & Wine, The Ideas Festival, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, The Aspen Opera and the Aspen Music Festival to name a few.

Invitation Only - Aspen Art Museum / 2016 Wealth Mangement Report.

Internationally known Knight Frank / Douglas Elliman was hosted by Aspen's DE Principal in Charge - Joshua Saslove and supported by Chairman Howard Lorber, Stephen Kotler Chief Revenue Officer, Dotty and Nicole . The keynote speakers were STEVE wick narrator keynote speaker Jim jones and Jan jones from Knight Frank United Kingdom. Panel guests net Jets and equity guy. 

The topic was the flight of wealth the patterns. 

Putting things into prospective if the wealthiest have 100 m yachts, 50-75 million aircraft including billion dollar art collections and fine stones why would they only be living in a 20m dollar house where they spend more days that in the air or on the sea. The power and value of real estate has been overlooked and with 50-75 million dollar apartments in NYC and now a record high sale of 260. Developers on the west cost are venture out and one is building a 100m 250m and 500 million. 

The wealthy are not affected but the low oil prices or a 30 % drop in the market As the are protecting the 70% and its growing exceptionally. 

It's the movement of wealth and flight patterns that you have you gripping your chair... And clicking in over 8,000 flights (without diversions) into Aspen's Internationally know SRdy airport annually will open ones eyes to why. Safe haven, quiality of life, heavily funded school system in a LEED Green building and complemented by the rooted foundation and massive state of the art infrastructure systems of Aspen Valley Hospital. 

How lucky we are to be be here and enjoy the essence of the safe haven for your family and ones you love for generations to come. Stimulating and energetic to to core of ones sole!