Todd Shaver, director of acquisitions

As the director of acquisitions, specializing in networking and connecting national and international people. This includes running The Aspen Business Luncheon, which has produced, billionaires as speakers, as well as Secretary Madeleine Albright, Walter Isaacson and Tom Friedman, among hundreds of others.

Founder of Bull Market Report, which built one of the first successful internet-based businesses.  The company specialized in assisting the sophisticated investors in finding those stocks that would outperform the overall stock market.  The success boasted over 700,000 subscribers to the 10 financial newsletters he started.

A professional broker with Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley .He was the host of a successful local radio show, in Washington, DC, giving a live show each morning during rush hour.  Todd was also a regular guest on Business News Network radio.

He ran his own Washington, DC real estate company, The Dulles Group, which specialized in finding large tracts of raw land for investors and developers.  The company contracted and rezoned 2,000 acres of land.  The site has been developed with at 350,000 sq. ft. GEICO building, as well as 1000 homes and businesses.  

Todd was with Merrill Lynch and had an 11-year career with Wang laboratories, finishing one year as the top salesman in the company.

Todd is an Aspen resident and a graduate of Bucknell University

Rachel Lynn