The art of taking existing conditions and recreating space into its volumetric proportions. Modifying and transforming the inner skin of luxury and posh finishes. This was accomplished by the experience of international resources and into the world of specimen materials. 

Antique oak with the hit-skipped markings and age of checks and saw marks. Flooring material that boasts a consistent board width of 10” and finish application that is water based in its original application. The vertical surfaces enjoy 80-year-old barn-wood that is brown in color and demonstrates preservation in its true richness, material not weathered in color over the years. 

A handpicked bunk of barn-wood was then selected to be ship lapped in a horizontal layout for the master bedroom’s walls and ceiling. A finish process was then commissioned to strip all color from the material into its natural tone and apply a pickling technique of custom color. A silver fox grey with an undertone color of brown, experience of master craftsmen.

Master in room and size opens to a twenty-one foot of NanaWall retractable glass doors exposing the unobstructed views of Elk Mountain range. Relax in bed enjoy the view and feel the opulent finishes of blanketed waxed suede, snow white alpaca rug and acoustics of a B&O sound bar.

Creating within existing conditions poses program challenges and design solutions. A bunkroom was born out of critical dimensions of experience. Each of the beds enjoy interior height while being surrounded in an envelope in barn-wood. A warm feeling of illumination and one with the mountains.

Coming Spring 2019 / Phase II – Living, Kitchen, Media and Public Spaces.

Rachel Lynn